About Quick Fix Scaffolding Limited

Quick-Fix Scaffolding started operating in 1975.

Quick-Fix Scaffolding grew rapidly and its growth was mainly due to the level of service that Quick-Fix Scaffolding provided; it was and still is quick, reliable and most importantly a trustworthy service - a ‘tradition' which the Company is still based on today.

In 1986 Quick-Fix Scaffolding joins the Westminster Scaffolding Group of Companies, an amalgamation of 14 companies.

In 2000 Quick-Fix Scaffolding started trading again independently. Quick-Fix Scaffolding is now known throughout the industry as QFS.

Since 2000 there have been many changes within QFS. In 2005 The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were introduced , shortly followed by TG20-05 Guide to good practice for scaffolding with tubes and fittings, these publications were immediately put into practice by QFS.

It was at this time that the Management of QFS came to the conclusion there would be two types of scaffolding companies, those who embraced the changes and those who would just try to do the minimum, without hesitation it was decided that QFS must embrace the changes and have continued to do so to great effect.

QFS has adopted the motto “Make sure your next erection is in safe hands” a little tongue in cheek, but we do exactly as we say, working to the highest standards regarding Health and Safety making sure that your scaffold erection is safe and secure!!

In 2010 QFS were taken over by ‘Westminster Gulf' now operating from Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, London & Oman.

Established in Bahrain in 1995 The Westminster Scaffolding Group is owned by Kevin Clifford and the Mohammed Jalal & Sons Group.

Westminster Gulf brings with it both a very large scaffolding material resource and financial security.

The mission of Westminster Gulf is to maximise its Clients' operational productivity by providing a safe and efficient access scaffolding solution.


I am pleased to be associated with Quickfix Scaffold on the re development of St Pancras Chambers and delighted the excellent service I have previously experienced continues on this prestigious development. Quickfix Scaffolding provide a first class, safe and professional service in all aspects of their business.

QFS worked for me on Palestra and now Walbrook projects. They were good at Palestra but have become excellent at Walbrook. Their safety initiatives have been welcomed by us, specific toeboards and ladder gate are examples. QFS comply with our wearing mandatory safety glasses and they have topped our safety league table a number of times.